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Essays and Longform Journalism
(Some of) My Favorite Things:

 I currently work as a consulting data scientist, and I'm a big-picture person with a lot of passion(s). I've just started teaching myself how to compose for choir.


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To contact me, email hello [at] evanwarfel [dot] com.


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"Are you telling me it's wrong to anthropomorphize people?" 

 Sydney Morgenbesser to B.F. Skinner


"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God."
Kurt Vonnegut


"You do you, and I'll be me. If we connect, great; and if not, well, it probably can't be helped."
Adapted from Fritz Perls and Damon Stone


"It is urgent that we nourish and develop the buds of sanity and humanness that are emerging. What we have going for us is a fantastic know-how of technical development and proven intellectual ability. We know how to probe and investigate practically everything. Our challenge now is to develop human beings with values -- moral, ethical, and humanistic -- that can effectively utilize this development. When we achieve that, we will be able to enjoy this most wonderful planet and the life that inhabits it. 


Virgina Satir




"The wiser men are, the more humbly will they submit to learn from others; they do not disdain the simplicity of those who teach them; they are willing to lower themselves to the level of husbandmen, of poor women, of children. Many things are known to the simple and unlearned which escape notice of the wise. I have learned more important truth beyond comparison from men of humble station, who are not named in the schools, than from famous doctors. Let no man therefore boast of his wisdom, or look down upon the lowly, who have knowledge of many secret things which God has not shown the wise."

Roger Bacon, Opus Majus

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